Mary Ottman
A professional speaker and experienced executive leader helping aspiring to mid-level managers become unstoppable leaders!
Speaking Services
1. Keynote Talks
Entertaining and empowering talks that blend Southern charm, humor, and practical wisdom to help aspiring to mid-level managers become unstoppable leaders.
2. Interactive Workshops
Engaging and dynamic learning experiences that combine sassy humor, real-world insights and actionable strategies to empower emerging leaders with the skills to go to the next level!
3. Virtual Talks
Interactive virtual presentations infused with humor and leadership experience providing aspiring to mid-level leaders with tools to overcome challenges and amplify their impact.
Hi! My name is Mary Ottman.
I'm a professional speaker.
Unlock Your Leadership Potential and Become an Unstoppable Leader! Are you an aspiring to mid-level manager craving the confidence and skills to advance your career? I provide inspiring and informative talks and workshops that empower professionals like you to break free from the unspoken barriers on the corporate ladder. With a wealth of experience as a leader in the government and armed with a Master's degree in Leadership, our founder brings a unique blend of expertise and Southern charm to the stage. Through engaging keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and virtual talks, we provide actionable strategies and inspire you to overcome imposter syndrome, build confidence, and unleash your leadership prowess. Join me on this transformative journey, and together, let's create massive value for your organization!"

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